Columnist, community figure dies

Local figure Bob Nanninga died after a battle with pneumonia Feb. 14. Nanninga was a fixture in both North County politics and the arts as well as a longtime columnist for the Coast News Group. Leave your thoughts here.


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  1. Jim Kydd says:

    Bob was an asset to The Coast News Group and will be sorely missed. He was definately ‘one of a kind.’

  2. Lynn Braun Marr says:

    Bob was a friend to me and to our community. He was inspiring, compassionate, and passionate. Checking out Bob’s astute and bold “Observations from the Edge” columns was one of my favorite reasons for reading the Coast News.

    I am so sad, and still processing this sudden, unexpected loss. We supported Bob Nanninga in all of his campaigns for Encinitas Council. I did go to one of the poetry slams where he, of course, presided as master of ceremonies; part of my poem that I recited was in his great “re-mix” that he shared at the end of the festivities with the delighted audience.

    Bob Nanninga will live on in the spirit of activism and environmental stewardship, the investment in “sustainability,” that we share. I deeply respect his perspective and am so grateful to have known him and to have considered him a friend and an activist cohort who supported open and transparent government, as well as the pubic accountability of our government officials as public servants.


  3. Carris Rhodes says:

    I was so fortunate to work with Bob on most of the events I helped plan for the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association last year. He was helpful and inspiring the whole way through. During our time spent together I came to realize that community connection was his main goal, and I always respected this. So please let the community come together to remember Bob Nanninga and hopefully we can help fill his environmental, poetic and political shoes and do it with half as much grace, humor and charisma.

    Peace and love,


  4. Cheryl P. says:

    I did not know Bob that well, and only for a short time, but I can tell you that he made a long and lasting impression on me. I admired his zest for life and his genuine concern for the earth, universe and all its inhabitants at present and for future generations. He will be greatly missed and forever remembered. May we all have a little bit of “Bob” in our hearts to carry on and do good. Rest in peace, kind soul.

  5. Dale Weston says:

    I grew up with Bob in Vista and had the pleasure to work with him as an adult. His bravado to be an artist and be true to his beliefs was an inspiration for me to become a professional artist, voice actor and editorial pundit.

    His enthusiasm and energy for even the smallest of projects was second to none. Humorous and edgy is what you got with Bob’s approach.

    As will many Coast News readers, I’ll miss Bob’s extreme opinions that provoked thought and debate to accomplish a better deal in the end for all.

    May you rest in peace now Bob, knowing that you always gave it your all and gave us all something in return.

    God Bless.

  6. Dave Brookes says:

    He will be missed.

    Dave Brookes

  7. Stephanie Riggs says:

    Encinitas has lost its shiniest, sparkliest STAR…

    But HEAVEN has a new ANGEL…

    We’ll miss you, BOB…Peace to you and healing thoughts to Keith and your family…


  8. Fred Tracey says:

    I knew Bob for almost 30 years, mainly through theater. He was there with me while I went through struggles, and he soldiered me through them. I’ve been able to do the same for others. He was passionate, kind-hearted, and helped people to realize their potential. I can’t say that about a lot of people, but I can say it about Bobby.

  9. farbers says:

    Bob will be missed for the ways he made the children of this town laugh, he entertained us all while showing us how to express ourselves and dig for some of our own passion for life. It will take a dozen people to fill his shoes and keep the fires burning.

  10. Sue Castle says:

    Bob was a great asset to his community. He loved and cared for the environment and worked persistently to educate us on how to make better environmental choices. I will miss reading his column and learning from him.

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