Teachers give stamp to school candidates

SAN MARCOS — San Marcos school board hopefuls Jay Petrek and Randy Walton were endorsed by the San Marcos Educators Association last week. Petrek is a city planner for Escondido who served on the board from 2002 to 2004. Walton is a personal injury attorney. Both served on the San Marcos Ridgeline Task Force.
Association President Michael DeVries said the choice was an easy one. Two weeks ago, his staff sent out letters to all four candidates inviting them to interview for endorsement. Only Petrek and Walton responded. DeVries said the two had very impressive interviews, and the association decided to endorse them both.
“We feel pretty good about the direction they would take our district,” DeVries said.
In all, four candidates will be competing for three seats. In addition to the two endorsees, the race includes former Chula Vista Principal Carlos Ulloa and incumbent David Horacek. DeVries noted that Horacek has been fairly vocal with his anti-union rhetoric, so it is unlikely he would have gotten the endorsement had he wanted it.
Walton and Petrek were both pleased with the endorsement.
“I’m just really excited,” Petrek said. “I’ve been pretty active in the community, love San Marcos and I’ve always worked well with teachers.”
“San Marcos has a great bunch of teachers and I’ve witnessed firsthand over the last few years their dedication and their confidence, and I’m honored to have their support,” Walton said.
The association’s members will offer active support by sending out mailers this week and holding street signs throughout San Marcos, DeVries said. This is sure to help the candidates who have been busy stumping about town and placing signs and door hangers.
“I’m not taking chances this year,” Petrek said. “I’m getting out there in the community more.”


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  1. WTF says:

    Hmmm. Isn’t the Teacher’s Union supposed to negotiate contracts with the Board? I suppose if the Board is seeded it makes it that much easier… but I’m sure that would never happen…again…

  2. JoanK says:

    As a voter, I would have liked to see responses from all of the candidates. If they were all invited and didn’t participate I guess that is just the way it goes. I think more importantly that the Supt of the District should remain neutral. This doesn’t seem to be the case. I believe it is the board that evaluates and decides on the salary contract with the Supt. of the District each year.

  3. KarenRed says:

    I am leary of any candidates that align themselves with teacher’s unions. This article helped me make my decision NOT to vote for either of the candidates they are endorsing.

  4. one sided says:

    This is clearly a one sided article. I would imagine if interviewed the other two candidates have very good reasons for not showing up for the unions “stamp”. I agree with Karen, now I know who not to vote for, thanks!

  5. Aliia says:

    No, the teachers negotiate with the district administrators, not the board. The board either approves, or rejects the ultimate contract. I have been following this race, and one of the candidates is not doing much, and the other is virulently anti-teacher. San Marcos Unified made greater gains in API scores than any other district in North County, and it wasn’t the janitors that made it happen – it was the teachers in the classrooms.

  6. Dear Allia, says:

    It’s funny how every time someone comes out in favor of the kids they end up being tagged as anti-teacher. I have also followed this election, I have personally met all four candidates and quite frankly have not heard any of the candidates say anything that indicates they are anti-teacher. They all have websites and all clearly support the teachers, check it out for yourself. Do you really think that lies will help your case?

    The teachers are our greatest asset but they receive their support and direction from the administration and that direction is set by the board. The board is elected by the people and provides that direction based on what we the people expect for the kids. Remember in the end we all play an equally important role in the positive results of our test scores not just one group. The boards responsibility is to do what’s best for the kids and represent all groups not just this one.

    Allia, one question, does the union or the administration seek guidance and direction from the board related to the negotiations? Your lying and misleading folks is just mean and shameful and begs the question, why?

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