A cool coast wedding

At 5:30 p.m. Oct. 19, Janna Roncelli and Rhonda Anderson were married at Stone Steps beach in front of 65 of their closest friends and family members. Sand artist Kirkos was on hand to create a labyrinth in which the couple were married. A reception at Le Papagayo followed the ceremony.


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  1. Jill Cole says:

    I was there and it was splendid. No matter what your opinion is on the subject… love is a beautiful thing!

  2. Cecelia Harris says:

    One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. Janna and Rhonda were “Bursting With Love” and everyone felt it. No one will ever take that feeling away from them. My husband and I felt so honored to be a part of their celebration. We love you!

  3. Love Sandy says:

    Congratulations Love birds!

  4. Nancy and Mel says:

    Congrats to both of you! It was an amazing event. You both are proof that love is perfect in all its forms. I have never met a more connected, caring, loving, understanding and compassionate couple. You two do it right and represent what we all should be striving for!

  5. Riggs says:

    Jeez people, get over yourselves. These two “lovers” are clearly deluded of what true love or “marriage” really means.

    One can only guess what the coastnews motive is trying to “push” some agenda with their front page photo of newlywed taco munchers.

    Thankfully, I didn’t pay for this publication or I’d be requesting a refund.

  6. anonymous says:


    I agree with Riggs

  7. Nancy and Mel says:

    It appears that perhaps it is you who is deluded.I feel a deep sense of sorrow for you and yours and the inability to celebrate love in all its forms. Especially in a world where it is so deeply needed.

  8. surfy says:

    Riggs, you the one who is deluded my friend. Don’t be a jerk and start living in the 21st century. God bless freedom and liberty.

  9. Fr Don says:

    “I agree with Riggs”
    I too. It’s sad that the very people screaming “tolerance” are most intolerant of other opinions.
    I prescribe not allowing knee jerk reactionary’s to cloud ones judgment; the gays in this country know their days are numbered simply because they cannot biologically reproduce, hence they are pushing for the privilege to adopt, to appear more “normal” and rebuild their diminishing numbers via corruption of young minds. We as a society have always tried protecting children from child molesters and sexual predators, why now are some voters being duped into voting in the very life style they find repugnant?
    Do NOT be lead astray by their smoke and mirror tactics, these people that cry out for tolerance are determined to destroy the state of marriage that this county has known for centuries.

    Put another way: When was it ever accepted we as a civilization were accepting of sodomites?

  10. Enc Dan says:

    This was a good thing for me to see; because it is a view of what my vote will stand for right on page 1 and if this is the right thing morally or socially or just two kids experiencing a short term thrill that special interests are escalating because of an agenda?

    But freedom to express acts of “love” is for all. I forsee the day when we’ll see adult / child weddings, inter-family and even the dog lovers jumping in an the thrill of this 15 minutes of fame. Physical love has no limits so why stop with just the gayfolk? Unless…

    All on page 1 of this fine display of free speech.

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