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Boon and Overton deliver brief monthly reports

RANCHO SANTA FE — While President Ann Boon of the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s monthly board meeting discussed the progress of the nominating committee, Association manager Bill Overton gave an update on the financials.

According to Boon, the nominating committee had completed their job and had received the names of around 10 Covenant members who were interested in learning more about the board position.

Boon said individuals interested in vying for a seat would notify the Association by mid-March.

Since the March 3 RSFA board meeting, the Association released the nominations they received, which were in accordance with the RSFA bylaws. On March 14, it was officially announced that the individuals contending for three vacant seats were Janet Danola, Allen Finkelson, Rachel Laffer, Rachel Leheny, Kenneth Markstein, Terry Peay, John Rikkers and Richard Sapp.

The terms of Heather Slosar, Philip Wilkinson, and Jerry Yahr will be coming to a close. The winning candidates will officially take their seats at the July 2016 board meeting following a community-wide vote. According to the Association, ballots will be mailed to members May 12 and the names of the new board members will be broadcasted June 29.

Boon wanted everyone to know that the nominating committee is not actually nominating people.

“They’ll all be self-nominated,” she said.

In reference to the Association budget, Overton said they were doing very well overall.

“The Association is showing a profit against budget year to date,” said Overton, noting how golf was better than budget year to date.

According to Overton, the RSF Tennis Club had a bit of an overage year to date, but staff was currently working with the club in reviewing their membership and their budget.

Overton did note some variances.

“The major variances are litigation. We are over budget year to date in litigation,” he said. Overton added, “I think we may we may end the year about on budget in this category, but as of right now we are over.”

Overton also shared some overages in public relations by way of contract services. Overton said that this was the case since this area wasn’t budgeted for in advance.

“Overall, I think our financial statements and financial condition are strong. As far as the 2016-17 budget process, very briefly, we’ve begun,” said Overton, adding how they have had good discussions already with the tennis and golf clubs.

Overton said it was the Association’s intent to try and have internal budgets completed by the end of March so dialogues with the finance committee can begin in April.