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Letters: April 3, 2009

Open letter to the Vista Teachers Association

My name is Cheryl A Protzeller, I have a kindergartener at Casita Center for Math, Science, and Technology. I am involved with the PTA and do all that I can to help make Casita Center for Math, Science, and Technology the best possible place for my child. I am also a local business owner and active voting member of the community; I am fully aware and educated as to why you have an association and it’s purpose.
I am writing you today in complete and utter shock as to what I witnessed, first hand, by members of your association. Yesterday (Tuesday, March 24, 2009), I was honored to make a brief presentation for the PTA at Casita Center for Math, Science, and Technology staff meeting which was a meeting, from my understanding, to educate and inform the staff of the status of the programs offered at Casita Center. At the beginning of the staff meeting, one of your members requested to make an announcement and was encouraged by another one of your members. The principal, Laura Smith, professionally declined the request at that time explaining that there was an agenda and that there were guest speakers on that agenda but would certainly ensure that there was time at the end to make the announcement. At this point, you would think that any professional, mature adult would simply say thank you and wait their turn especially since they did not request to be put on the agenda. This is not what happened, the members of your association continued to waste almost 10 minutes arguing with the principal and trying to “bully” the principal into giving them “their way,” like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Their behavior was rude, unprofessional, tactless, and completely unacceptable. As a parent, I certainly do not want my child being taught by a teacher that would behave so badly. As a professional, I can not believe what I witnessed; in any other environment, those individuals would have been reprimanded (in private) and possibly have disciplinary action brought to them.
At the end of the meeting, the members proceeded to make their announcement but not before they ran to get their representative; just as a child runs to get their parent. Their announcement did have validity; however, had they listened to what was presented during the staff meeting, they would have understood that their request to be “heard” would occur after spring break so that the staff could research the various programs and provide educated suggestions based on up-to-date material. They also made snide comments about the ideas brought up by the PTA, the uselessness of staff meetings, and whether they were getting paid for the extra one or two minutes!
I fully understand that the Vista Teacher’s Association is to protect and ensure the fair treatment of your members; it appears, that it is also a group of tired, disgruntled, chip-on-the-shoulder bully teachers that pout when they don’t get their way. We work so hard to keep child-bully’s out of our schools. What about bully teachers?

Cheryl A. Protzeller