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State electeds’ perks may be adjusted downward

18 percent cut likely
Sensing the growing unhappiness by taxpayers regarding generous perks received by state electeds, the California Citizens Compensation Commission has recommended cutting some perks by 18 percent. Affected would be the per diem they receive and car allowances. However, this action, it has been noted, is not within the commission’s jurisdiction. If it is not challenged, the reduced schedule goes into effect Dec.1. Currently the per diem is approximately $173 and pencils out to about $35,000 annually, tax-free. Electeds can select wheels of their choosing and taxpayers subsidize approximately 80 percent of it.
Temecula trolleys
A pair of trolleys that are now tooling around Temecula on a trial basis are reported to be highly popular particularly with the underagers who aren’t old enough to drive. Major difference between it and the Coast Cruiser that runs between Leucadia and Cardiff’s restaurant row is that they are free and co-sponsored by the city and the owner of the trolleys. The Coast Cruiser is paid for by merchants, boosters, advertisers and city and county grants that are likely on a one-time basis.
Had to happen
With more folks clearing out their attics and closets and putting on a garage or sidewalk sale, Big Daddy has seen it necessary to snoop in on their operation. There is now a consumer product safety agency that has compiled a booklet of can do and cannot do. According to the Wall Street Journal, absolutely prohibited is sale of recalled items. The silver lining of course is the agency will be hiring folks to act as snoopers to make certain garage sales are in compliance and of course it will take a czar to supervise the operation. Up to the minute skinny is available by punching in
Dogs begone
An organization called Cancer Projects sez hot dogs you woof down at the ball park can cause cancer. It wants baseball parks to post signs alerting fans of this possibility. Latest report is that few parks are doing so. Veggie dogs are OK. However, here’s the rub. With farmers drastically reducing farm crops because of the water shortage, alotta veggies are being imported. Some countries from whence they come, have no, or few, regs on the use of pesticides. So would you rather risk getting cancer from meat or vegetables?
Acclaimed photog to display work
Surfside City photog Helen Montgomery-Drysdale whose pix, particularly those of Hollywoodians, are acclaimed worldwide, will have an exhibition in the clubhouse at the racetrack. Her latest masterpieces are titled “Backside at the The Racetrack” and are available in book form. There will be 48 photos on display of back stretch scenes some of which the public may never have viewed.
Summer concerts
Twi-night summer musicals are the rage and attracting sizeable crowds. Most are free to the public. They can be enjoyed on alter-

nate schedules at the Surfside City’s Powerhouse Park, Fletcher Cove in Solbeach, Moonlight Beach in the Flower Capital and alternate parks in C’bad. Check with your city’s parks and recreation department for dates and headliners.
Area code change
Folks who dial fone numbers to reach their party are encouraged to practice dialing the area code as well as a 1 and the number. Beginning Oct. 24, dialing the 10 digits will become necessary.
Chamber board seated
Officers of the Vista Chamber were recently installed for the 2009-2010 term and a number of volunteers were honored for their successful endeavors. New projects were outlined such as closer relationships with other organizations.
Sorry, but no…
State Dept. of Public Health has declined to become involved in the beef between Tri-City Hospital and Scripps regarding patients and whether some of them are being lured away from Tri-City by Scripps.
Sprague at Quail Gardens
Legendary Peter Sprague, virtuoso jazz guitarist, and his bud, Tripp, will perform Aug. 27 , from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at Quail Botanical Gardens. Great entertainer.
Blame game
Some elected tax spenders are blaming Prop. 13 and the two-thirds budget law for the mess they created. Facts are taxpayers would be in a critical financial crunch without either one of them. Pre-Prop. 13 money crunchers figured out how much money they were going to spend and based the tax rate on that. Without the two-thirds reg, a bloated budget could be adopted with a single majority vote, which would not be difficult to do when all electds are of the same party. A good budget would pass unanimously would it not?
Parking structure?
Rancho Santa Fe Association is mulling over the possibility of a single-story parking structure at the corner of El Fuego and Linea del Cielo. It would provide parking for patrol, school, fire district and The Inn. Idea worth more study.
Solbeach Historical Society is installing plaques on buildings that were in use between 1923 and 1952 and Vista Historical Society has inducted three former council electeds into its Hall of Fame including Frank Delpy, Frank Meyers and Ralph Prengle … Meanwhile, Lloyd O’Connell, head honcho of the Flower Capital Historical Society, wants the Pacific School site turned into a cultural center … Congrats to Solbeach resident Frank Shu, prof of physics at UCSD who has been awarded the lucrative Shaw Prize for his work on astronomy … Heal the Bay, an environmentally oriented organization based in Santa Monica, has rated North County beaches as being above average for water quality … Five of the eight Harbor City Council electeds refused to take a reduction in their pay or benefits saying they are already suffering … Hizzoner Jerry Sanders took the 6 percent cut as did his underlings … Federal stimulant dough allocators have earmarked high speed rail funds for a link between So. Cal. and Vegas but how does that benefit casinos here that provide thousands of jobs and pour lotsa cash into the local economy? … Friends of the Powerhouse have scheduled a fundraiser Aug. 5 at En Fuego for the benefit of the proposed new fire station complex … MiraCosta College has regained its good standing with the Accredited Commission for Community and Junior Colleges after being placed on probation during its upheaval period.
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