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Outsourcing transit operation an idea worth investigating

Solves pension problem
North County Transit District Exec. Director Matthew Tucker, who was hired in January, promised new directions to curtail deficit operation and outsourcing bus service is certainly a worthwhile idea. Staff now has been directed to prepare a request for proposals. One advantage is that the district would not be saddled with long-lasting retirement pensions.
Tri-City gains reclassification
O’side’s Tri-City Hospital has received a higher classification on earthquake readiness of its central tower meaning the building is structurally sound. Tri-City now has a coppla decades before it has to replace it even if it is showing 50 years of wear and tear. Before it was reclassified it was facing a redo in a coppla years.
Still being studied
Three years ago the 22nd District Agricultural Association (Del Mar Fairgrounds) unveiled a plan for a temporary train platform for use during the county fair, races and other events that attract large crowds. Good idea that takes cars off the highway, reduces pollution, and makes a trip to the fairgrounds more enjoyable. Then the Surfside City and North County Transit became involved and ultimately San Diego Assn. of Governments. There the project is being studied and restudied while dough from various federal sources comes and goes for less important projects. With the growing popularity of the fairgrounds facilities, more action and less paper shuffling would better serve the public.
Solbeach the Ucan’t City
According to the Chamber of Commerce, the motto of the city is The Beautiful City. Lately folks are calling it Ucan’t City. Ucan’t smoke in bars, Ucan’t smoke at the beach, Ucan’t smoke on the rail trail, Ucan’t use gas powered leaf blowers and more recently, Ucan’t urinate in public areas particularly near bars and beer joints. Solbeach — The Ucan’t City.
SANDAG transportation funds
Flower Capital folks are grousing about the fact nary a penny has been allocated to the area by SANDAG from Transnet and federal funds that total more than $7 million while such projects like the Carlsbad Boys & Girls Club is handed $146,846 for sidewalk improvement. Escondido receives $524,000 for a bike path bridge near the transit center and a $500,000 handout for engineering a section of the rail trail between Buena Creek and Melrose Avenue along the Sprinter line. Who is looking out for the Flower Capital?
Coast Cruiser
Folks are taking advantage of the Coast Cruiser to enjoy the Moonlight Beach summer concerts and are staying to watch the sunset. Next concert is from 3 to 5 p.m. July 19. The Coast Cruiser runs 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. with a stop at the beach.
No booze
Sports fans heading home from Petco Park and downtown San Diego after 9 p.m. on the Coaster are prohibited from bringing their adult beverages with them becuz some of their conversations sometimes were laced with profanity and in some instances a few were even combative. That can happen when your team chalks up another loss.
Marketing the Vegas way
Four casinos in Vegas are doing some serious marketing to attract folks. They are offering a two-nighter for $99 for a single or $149 for double occupancy. But wait … there’s more. Accommodations are deluxe and that includes one breakfast or lunch buffet per person, $20 in slot $$$ and 10 bux in match play per person and you take home all your winnings.
Add on for Southwest
Southwest Airlines that started in bizness in 1971 and is now one of the most successful carriers, has added service to LaGuardia Airport in the Big Apple. Southwest has no first class cabin so the monied ones get to mingle with the rest of the folks. It still provides soft beverages and munchies without a fee. The top brass is saying the LaGuardia venture is a gamble but worth the risk.
More Coastal Commish apps wanted
State Assembly honcho Karen Bass is asking for more Coastal Commish applications for two seats on the prestigious agency. Applicants include Harbor City council electeds Ben Hueso and Donna Frye and O’side Councilwoman Esther Sanchez.
Great parking idea
Surfside city residents who frequent downtown where there are time parking limitations can now enjoy extended parking privileges for a year without being tagged. A permit is available that reflects considerable savings. More skinny is available by calling (858) 755-1556.
Water-wise symposium
Surfside City’s Ad Hoc Water Conservation Citizen’s Advisory Committee has scheduled a water gardening symposium July 25. Starts at 9 a.m. and is over before noon. At St. Peters Church meeting room. Open to the public.
Your tax $$$ at work
It’s 3 a.m. in the Action Center when the red phone rings (it’s really only 9 p.m., but it feels like 3 a.m.). Ring, ring, riiiiinnnnng. The caller complains that some middle-aged folks who are attending a political fundraiser are speaking too loudly. The Emergency Action & Crisis Team springs into action. Seven deputies with sirens blaring and a dog rush to the scene. Not any dog. This one has special talents. It’s a sniffer. A fully staffed fire suppressant apparatus moves in and is at the ready in event the conversations become heated and cause a fire. The county is alerted and it dispatches a helicopter to provide air cover. A gallon of pepper spray is rushed in to quell the noisy seniors. The Governator is alerted and is still at his desk signing IOUs. He immediately alerts the national guard that is patrolling the T.J. border for illegal visitors. It promises it can rush in a battalion of combat ready troops to the scene and is equipped with its own pepper spray. A lady refuses to give her date of birth, which is standard operating procedure for the fair sex regardless of party preference. No one is wearing “Don’t Tase Me Bro” caps. Two seniors glare at America’s Finest so off to the clink they go. The fundraiser ends and the candidate for high office is unhappy becuz she didn’t raise enough money to make it all worthwhile.
Having been seriously rapped by the County Grand Jury for not keeping closer financial tabs on its 101 Mainstreet Assn., O’side electeds have imposed stringent new regs on the association … Tri-City Hospital has appealed to the state to investigate Scripps Hospital’s alleged luring of patients to its facility from Tri-City’s jurisdiction … Harbor City now has a dozen water cops looking out for and ready to cite water wasters … Kelly Huggett and Robin Crabtree have been appointed to the Del Mar Foundation board of directors … Marshall Weinreb is the new CEO of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center … Vista Mayor Morris Vance izzn’t running for a third term and has endorsed Judy Ritter to succeed him.

Hasta la Vista