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My teen heartthrob was Patrick Swayze

When the man whose poster hung on your wall when you were a teen dies, you realize you aren’t 18 anymore. Patrick Swayze died this month. I read that when I checked into my Yahoo account last week. Life sometimes has a way of reminding us who we once were through the loss of others. My heartfelt wishes and condolences go out to his beautiful family. He will be missed by his loved ones and his many fans. What I would like to share with you is how this man’s spirit and image touched my teenage years.
I know you are thinking “Dirty Dancing” here. However, I discovered Patrick Swayze in a wonderful television miniseries “North and South.” You know one of those that showed six episodes in the fall and you had to wait for the spring to see the ending. I can still hear the melody in my head as Patrick swept Leslie Ann Down off her feet in this epic Civil War drama. I am smiling now. I am remembering how I ran home to see each episode and how waiting six more months to see the finale was almost a lifetime at that age. That summer — I think my timeline might be off a bit here — “Dirty Dancing” came out and then all of my friends fell in love with Patrick Swayze, too.
I was upset about that movie becoming such a hit, because up until that time I had been the only teenager at my school with the poster of him on my wall. I remember the Christmas I bought it, I remember the mall, the store, the tape on the wall, and my hardwood paneling it stuck to in my room. Oh, how I wished I had wallpaper like my girlfriends did in town. I finally upgraded to wallpaper my senior year. Patrick Swayze’s poster made it to its prime location in the center of my room. How is it possible that that man is no longer here?
I don’t want to be sad, yet, as I think about his unexpected early absence from life, I am saddened to know that he is gone from us now. I am saddened to know that time has marched on and eventually life does change with each season. I can remember his image on my wall of my room like it was only yesterday. When I remember his poster in my room, it makes me feel like I am in high school again, like that untouched age of innocence when teenage girls idolize men in a way they soon learn not to as they grow older.
This month Patrick Swayze died and I am that girl who idolized him in high school. He was my poster guy in my teenage years, the heartthrob that gave me the image of something sexy exisisting out there, beyond a small town in Missouri. I am touched deeply by the loss of his passing. May his spirit dance on in the light of his next journey … if you believe in that sort of thing. I do anyway.
Around town
On Sept. 3, I started gearing up for my favorite event of the year — The Country Friends Fashion Show. After purchasing my dress and matching shoes with just the right tote bag, I made my luncheon reservation. This is one of those events Rancho Santa Fe women do not want to miss! The first fashion show began in 1954 and has continued with growing numbers of attendees each year. This will mark my sixth year of attending this wonderful “high society” fashion show in one of my favorite towns in the world. Ladies don’t miss out. Buy your tickets now to reserve your seat at this year’s show. It’s rumored there will be male models on the runway this year. Can you say music to my ears? Finally some eye candy for the ladies. To reserve your tickets now, call (858) 756-1192 for front row seats (if they are still available). Last year, Melissa Williams and Jill Sorge took a gorgeous shot right before the show at Mille Fleurs. Don’t miss out on this wonderful fundraising event that helps raise money for many wonderful charities all over Southern California.
On Sept. 7, Katie Shull celebrated her birthday with friends and family in Oceanside over Labor Day weekend. Good friend Pearl Patavano pulled out all the stops by decorating her condo with fun balloons and presents that gorgeous weekend. The two posed for me for a quick snapshot, which captures the essence of true friendship in “sisterly womanhood.” What we do without our best friends? Ask me I know. That is another story for later. Thank you Katie and Pearle for sharing this photo with me.
On Sept. 9, I discovered some key gossip that would be great news for San Diego residents: Encinitas resident Kiptyn Locke has been rumored to be named the next ABC “Bachelor.” Kiptyn managed to make it to the ending of the last “Bachelorette” show. He had an excellent chance of winning Jillian Harris’s heart, but according to her, “he didn’t fling his heart out there” to win the final rose. Is it possible Kiptyn knew just what he was doing and was strategically vying for the next “Bachelor”? After watching and reading many message boards it seems certain Kiptyn didn’t have any ulterior motives. Although he sure maneuvered perfectly to the very end to place him in an excellent position of winning one of television’s most sought-after “reality roles.” How thrilling for San Diego residents if the next “Bachelor” turned out to be Kiptyn Locke. There have even been rumors of women from Arizona flocking to our neighborhoods just to catch a glimpse of the man on the surfboard paddling out with Jillian on the final episode. Maybe it was that water shot of his abs that drove the women crazy. Will ABC choose San Diego’s Kiptyn Locke? Stay tuned to “Machel’s Ranch” for more details.
On Sept. 11, the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center hosted the Back to School Bash at the center. The carnival drew a large number of Rancho Santa Fe students and their family members. There was also an ice cream truck on the premises, which seemed to be a hit with all ages. Thank you to the Community Center for sharing these photos from that day. I was also informed that there will be an opportunity for families to drop of their children on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. at Drop-In Saturday. Parents if you need to run errands and your kids need to play, this is a perfect opportunity that benefits everyone. Also, movie night is coming! On Sept. 25, don’t miss out at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. Imagine, children running around playing, hot dogs and hamburgers and every parent in the Ranch there with their blankets and lawn chairs. Snuggle in for this fun family night. For more information on other events coming up at the Community Center, check out
Save the date
Coming up on Oct. 8, Delicias Restaurant is inviting you to bring your personal cellar
choice to enjoy with your dinner at Open that Bottle Night. This is a perfect opportunity to bring your friends and family to enjoy a special evening. Executive Chef Knowles’ menu consists of California fresh cuisine. With a wide variety of selections complement your wine, this evening will be a night to remember. To book a reservation now, call (858) 756-8000. Don’t be late to reserve this special date!
On Sept. 29, Mille Fleurs is hosting the DJ Tapas Tuesday night from 7:30 p.m. to midnight. Enjoy half-off prices and fabulous tapas with your friends and family. This may be the last hot summer night of the season. This is my favorite Tuesday of the month. Call (858) 756-3085 for a reservation for this event.