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Holding out hope that Amber will come home

It’s hard to imagine a mother’s pain when her child is missing indefinitely, gone without a trace or even a minor clue. To wake up and go about your day, only to receive the one phone call any parent dreads — words could not describe this feeling of loss and hopelessness. Such is the case for one North County family, who marked one year of uncertainty and suffering on Feb. 13. Amber Dubois vanished in the early morning hours near Escondido High School, and she hasn’t been seen since. 
The tattered “missing” flyers flapping in a gentle breeze around town serve as a chilling reminder that Amber is still unaccounted for. I see her smiling face several times on my running route, badly weathered yet still recognizable. I grit my teeth in frustration and sadness, for I know this isn’t getting any easier for Amber’s family. She’s still out there, and they still have no answers.
And to their credit, the Dubois family refuses to give in. Their “Bring Amber Home” campaign efforts are vigorous — if not frantic — and rightfully so. If you can’t identify Amber by now, then you’re not paying attention. A prevailing sense of unwavering faith is necessary in these situations, even in the face of mounting doubt. 
Amber’s grandma wrote that the family tries hard to “keep some form of ‘normal’ in our lives, but there is no ‘normal’ anymore.” I’m in awe of their will to carry on.
I hoped by now the Dubois family had answers. I hoped by now Amber was home safe and sound.    
While it appears various agencies are doing everything they can to help find Amber, I suspect more can be done. But like everyone else, I feel helpless. The Dubois family has coordinated an impressive volunteer force, and thanks to them the search for Amber is still on in full gear. Just recently they held the Bring Amber Home Walk-a-Thon to mark the anniversary of Amber’s disappearance and renew the searching spark. All proceeds from the event went directly toward the search effort.
Amber’s family is doing everything they can to get the word out. The search for Amber made the cover of People Magazine, Amber’s parents were interviewed on “The Tyra Banks Show” and “The Steve Wilkos Show.”
They regularly appear in the San Diego media. Amber’s father Moe Dubois even had a “missing” exterior vinyl wrap installed on his truck.
I get sick to my stomach thinking about serious crimes against children. Convicted kidnappers should spend the rest of their adult lives in prison, locked away from society, left to rot amongst their own. Whoever did this to Amber deserves to suffer, and for a long time. How monstrous it is of someone to shatter a family. How monstrous it is of someone to crush a mother’s spirit.
I am not an overly religious man, but I oftentimes find myself praying for Amber and her family. I’m not even certain who I’m speaking with, as I call upon a higher power to help Amber return to safety. 
Amber, I have faith that you are alive and well. There is still hope, and there always will be as long as you are away from your family.
Visit to learn more about this case, and how you can donate time and money to help bring Amber home. And remember to hold on to those you love.