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Electronic bingo coming to the fairgrounds?

Charities will benefit big time
Folks looking for an afternoon or evening diversion besides reality stuff on TV may in the near future be able to tool down to the County Fairgrounds and play electronic bingo. The fair board at its Sept. 8 meeting gave Executive Manager Tim Fennell the green lite to pursue that possibility. Last year the legislature OK’d nonprofit organizations operating bingo on electronic video and audio links like Vegas Keno that results in bigger payouts unlike the current restriction that caps bingo winnings at $250 bux. Sponsors must be 501(c)(3) certified. Fennell said a classy lounge at Surfside Race Place will be available for the proposed activity that will not conflict with satellite wagering.
Five-day racing schedule
In spite of economic conditions, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club General Manager Joe Harper sez the recently concluded race meet worked out as good or above expectations. The five-day Wednesday through Sunday schedule proved to be very popular and likely will be the norm in the future. In the early days, Del Mar was dark on Sundays becuz they were considered the day racetrackers and racing fans went to church. Also Caliente Race Track in Tijuana offered Sunday racing and Del Mar opted not to compete due to a certain amount of cooperation between the two tracks.
Bizness as usual
Taxpayers who are facing eviction from their homes, out-of-work and skipping meals are not getting much joy in hearing that some of their public servants, paid or otherwise, are not enduring their pain. Case in point — high level water authority staffers and their workers were hoping for a 25 percent hike in pension benefits; members of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority who were admonished a coppla years ago for their lavish spending of tax dollars have gone back to their obscene ways; and legislators are reported to have given their staffs hefty raises totaling nearly $600 grand annually while workers were given furloughs without pay or laid off. Additional examples on request.
Car repair law
Auto repair shops soon will have to display certificates issued by the state that indicate they are trustworthy and reputable. Like the smog checkers, they also agree to have a cap on some of their services and to provide the parts they charge for.
Growing older
According to Mike Stobbe writing for Associated Press, U.S. life expectancy is now at the all time high of 78 years. (You are young until you hit that mark). One of the reasons given for longer life is becuz there is now better treatment of major ailments like cancer and heart problems.
Constitutional convention
Repair California is reported to be moving ahead rapidly in order to provide for a constitutional convention on the 2010 ballot. A unicameral body rather than the two-house legislature, term limits and the two-thirds majority needed to pass the budget and tax increases are among the burning issues up for consideration. Delegates to a constitutional convention must have the interest of all the folks rather than those of special interests. Not a minor requirement with today’s bloated army of lobbyists.
C’bad’s aging mall
Westfield Plaza, once considered to be the shopping jewel of North County, is due for a redo according its current owners. With the exiting of several major stores its shopper appeal has waned. When it was developed more than four decades ago, then C’bad city manager, the late John Mamaux, was accused by some folks of giving the builders several concessions to make a center a reality. Noise died down when sales tax revenue began rolling into city coffers.
Growers did great
In spite of the downturn in the economy and reduced irrigation water, county agriculture growers had a record year in 2008. Crop value was reported to be in excess of $l.5 bil. Indoor foliage and flower plants topped the crops likely becuz they are now widely marketed in many stores like Henry’s, Trader Joes, Vons and alotta others. Folks who shop their now frequently take home flowers and plants in addition to groceries.
Expensive art
Parents of budding artists who display their work (also called graffiti) in public places in parts of the county are now being socked for its removal and some hefty fees are being assessed for the crime when it winds up in court.
Pot store fronts
Some store front proprietors dealing in the illegal sale of marijuana were quite unhappy recently when they were busted. According to the county D.A.’s office, legal dispensaries for medical marijuana were not involved in the raids conducted in several county communities.
No power shut down
Failing to prove it was necessary to cut off energy to assure safety mostly in the back county during wildfires, SDG&E appearing before the State Public Utilities Commish recently was denied its request. The company already has doled out millions of bucks to property owners who suffered damages created by utility power lines that ignited fires .
Folks interested in the North Hwy. 101 streetscape project are encouraged to attend meetings to be held Oct. 3 in the senior center, Oct. 8 in the public library, and Oct. 10 in the senior center … The Surfside City’s Community Connections has scheduled a bus trip to C’bad to enjoy the Coastal Communities Concert Band’s tribute to highly popular Sammy Nestico to be presented in the Community Church center … NCTD’s $1 fee to connect with other shuttles at Sorrento Valley has been axed for now … Del Mar Foundation has honored the Thoroughbred Club’s Leon Davis for always pitching in and helping on many of its projects … Roger Hedgecock former Surfside City city attny. and now a syndicated radio talk show personality, has been added to the afternoon lineup on L.A.’s KFWB … Folks who still rely on the phone to communicate are warned not to respond to an appeal to call 90# that is reported to be a scam … Solbeach and the Surfside City are seeking volunteers for a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to be organized in November.
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