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Constitutional convention will likely be soon

Some good after all
The recent budget fiasco produced one shining light. The clamor for a constitutional convention became louder and more widespread. Unlike some events where there are free eats, lottsa booze and all sorts of entertainment, there will be none of that. Delegates will gather to review the state constitution, which has been untouched since l878. There’s no denying it needs to be looked at line by line. Folks are in the mood to do so right now as the new taxes and fees start to roll in. Success of the convention will depend on participating delegates. It has to be a cross-section of the population devoid of self-interests if that’s possible. Otherwise, what is in place now may be pretty good.
Tax by the mile DOA
The idea of paying a tax on miles driven instead of adding on to a gallon of gas had a short life during the long budget session. It was dead on arrival. Not new, it has been mentioned as a national alternative for paying road construction. Last time the tax on gas was raised was a coppla decades ago and there’s no denying wages and cost of materials have risen dramatically so a coppla pennies added to a gallon of gas won’t be that hurtful. If you don’t drive you won’t be paying for something you don’t use.
New concept
San Dieguito Heritage Museum has announced a new concept for its 21st annual barbecue set for May 16. The pit beef has been replaced by Brett’s Santa Maria-style Bar-b-Que and will include tri-tip beef, chicken, macaroni & cheese, beans, cole slaw, tortillas, pan and cookies. Cost of beverages will be additional. Entertainment at 2:30 p.m. will feature the Tierra Caliente Ballet Folklorico. Great outing for families and friends. Missing though will be the zesty lima beans.
Beware of road scam
O’side P.D. recently reported drivers, particularly seniors, are being scammed by a ruse that can be costly. Some characters pull up to a driver, usually at a stop sign, and claim there is a lotta smoke or sparks emitting from the back of the car and offer to fix the problem. The real problem is their fee after they finish messing around under the hood. Solution: Ignore the allegation and drive to your favorite certified mechanic for a second opinion. Likely you will be advised that everything is hunky dory.
Ay, Chihuahua!
The Chihuahua talking pooch that usta tell TV viewers “Yo quiero Taco Bell,” its sponsor, is now singing a different tune. Its creator sued the taco eatery for $42 mil. for breach of contract. The mini-pooch can now sing “Yo quiero $42 million pesos.”
For the artisans
A performing arts center may become a reality this year at San Dieguito Academy. The project has been under discussion for several years and the San Dieguito Union High School District has been saving $1.8 mil. toward its construction. In addition, the foundation has raised another $1 million. District officials are hopeful the Governator will kick in a few bux from state education stash. Currently, student musicians and actors have no place to advance their talent.
Fair adds to grandstand entertainment
Four well-known attractions have been added to the grandstand shows during this summer’s San Diego County Fair. These include The Guess Who, classic rock/pop, and Mitchell Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, June 23; The B-52’s, pop, June 25; Switchfoot, alternative rock, June 26; and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, classic rock/punk, July 3. Previously announced: Creedence Clearwater Revisited, June 30; and The Music of Abba, July 2. Fair dates are June 12 through July 5.
Ballot measures
Five ballot measures likely will be voted on this year These will include an open primary where candidates run without party affiliation, freezing pay of state lawmakers and other elected officers, larger lottery payouts, more child development money, a spending cap and modification of Prop. 98, the education funding process.
Animal center expansion
Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, which began in modest surroundings in 1972, is undergoing a hefty $50 mil. expansion that will be done in phases. The center will be expanded to 115,000 square feet in contrast to its current 63,000-square-foot layout.
The Board of Supervisors is continuing to allow each member a $2 mil. discretionary fund to parcel out as it sees fit in its district, which is often referred to as pork on a national level; however, no one appears to be objecting … Trader Joe’s, one of the most popular grocery chains in the US of A, has opened a store in C’bad’s Bressi Ranch complex … Hawaii, the Aloha State, is the first in the nation to install electric car stations throughout the islands in a campaign to get Islanders out of their gas burners … Jeremy Yamaguchi, 19, is the youngest politician to be elected to the Placentia City Council while he continues to attend Cal State Fullerton as a sophomore … A viewing platform that overlooks the scenic San Dieguito River Valley and opened with great fanfare and lottsa media attention is closed while it makes improvements to be in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act … Tri-City Healthcare District board of directors still hassling over previously closed-door meetings and actions taken therein … Harbor City Mayor Jerry Sanders is looking for contributions to maintain the fire rings very popular with folks who enjoy a little beach sand with their weenies and marshmallows.
Hasta la Vista