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D.A. investigating open meeting violations

Brown Act compliance sought
Jack Leonard, investigative reporter for the L.A. Times, wrote an extensive piece on April 10 on open meeting violations by numerous Los Angeles County agencies. Bottom line was the district attorneys in the various jurisdictions are taking a tougher stand on this issue. It was noted that while it is difficult to convict violators there have been instances where actions taken behind closed doors have been nullified. The law is known as the Ralph M. Brown Act for the assemblyman who was instrumental in assuring it was enacted in 1953 after the San Fran Chronicle did a 10-part series on the stream of meetings that were being conducted in secret sessions. Now some electeds are trying to figure how to circumvent the measure.
Community gardens
Location, location, location. Flower Capital mini-farmers want to grow their own veggies and have been given the green light except for a location by the council electeds. The growers want a piece of the city-owned nine-acre parcel on Quail Gardens Drive that is now growing weeds. However, the council majority sez the plot is reserved for houses and has suggested an Indian Head Canyon parcel. Since carrots and radishes grow quickly, why not the Quail Gardens Drive? It can be stipulated the community gardens will be eliminated when a builder has all the financing and permits in hand and is ready to grow houses.
Solbeach chamber projects
A coppla high-intensity projects are on the platter of the Solbeach Chamber. According to Frida Silveira, chamber executive director, planning is well under way for the 30th annual Fiesta del Sol to be held June 6 and June 7. It combines entertainment with a variety of commercial and nonprofit exhibits and special events. Also in the mill is an American Cancer Society Relay on July 11 and July 12 on the athletic field at Earl Warren Middle School. This is an overnighter where participants, and/or their alternates walk around a course for 24 hours. The relay is one of more than 4,800 that will occur simultaneously everywhere. Wanna participate in these events? Contact Frida at (858) 755-4775 or at [email protected].
30 …
While checking out the ancient ruins in Cairo and Egypt recently, Heidi Reinholz, on vacation from her responsibilities as the County Fair’s graphics chief, learned about the origin of the symbol “30” employed by journalists to denote the end of a story. It originally was used centuries ago, even before Christ, for the same reason at the end of the calendar according to hieroglyphics markings uncovered by archaeologists.
Transnet funds for public transportation?
Mere mention that San Diego Association of Governments might shift Transnet funds to aid cash-strapped public transportation brought immediate opposition. The Transnet measure was extended for 40 years for the purpose of fixing potholes in streets and improving highways and freeways. Taxpayers who have seen promises made and promises broken regarding tax measures by politicians have become extremely vigilant. For the present, Transnet funds will be used as promised.
Perfect score
Kudos to Daniel Ng, a La Costa Canyon student, who had a perfect score in an ADT exam that is taken in preparation for going on to college. Ng is only one of 46 students in the country and seven in the state to achieve this high plateau. He plans to enroll at UCSD to begin his studies toward becoming a doc. During a four-hour session, he answered 215 questions correctly. Mama mia!
Workshop added
Flower Capital electeds have committed $85,900 for another workshop and traffic study for the Leucadia 101 corridor. Major bone of contention appears to be the roundabouts and the number proposed. Lottsa interest was expressed at previous workshops. Next question is “When will it all happen?” Cardiffians have worked for seven years on their specific plan and the light at the end of the tunnel is still pretty dim. More than 100 volunteers have given of their time and expertise.
May ballot
Electeds from the Governator down to the local level are saying it’s critical to support 1A thru F next month for the benefit of kids, education, homeless, hungry, etc. Tax measures are only for a coppla years and they promise a rainy day fund for taxpayers’ $$$$$$ to be used only for emergencies. Taxpayers with short memories recall the Governator, when he was running for election, saying that tax dollars would be kept in a “lock box” but he didn’t mention that electeds could stick their mitts into the box so they did. Do you believe it when the electeds allege Santa slides down the chimney on Christmas Eve and the Easter bunny lays colored eggs?
With the county and state on the financial shorts and likely to be for the foreseeable future, taxpayers believe one possibility for saving a pile of cash is to furlough SANDAG and to give these responsibilities to the elected board of supervisors who are true representative of the county. The savings to taxpayers would be considerable. There would not be a need for so much shelf space for high-cost, glossy brochures or for a multi-story downtown office. The annual retreat could be held al fresco by the bay. Worth a study.
Nothing to do?
According to Rachelle Collier, Leucadia Town Council prez, this was on the events calendar recently. April 20 — Environmental movie and discussion on a water documentary; April 25 — A highly successful Garden Fest & Tour. Also on that day there was the seventh annual Creek to Bay Cleanup Project; and April 25 and April 26 the annual street fair in Old Encinitas downtown. Nothing to do?
Retired Rancho Santa Fe school principal R. Roger Rowe who celebrated a significant birthday several weeks ago sez he is still receiving birthday cards from some of his students who are now adults and living all over the US of A … Exotic Adventure Travel mag, a spiffy national publication, has named County Fair majordomo Tim Fennell Executive of the Year … Anna Pedroza, principal of Earl Warren Middle School in Solbeach, has been notified her school is one of those in the North County recognized as a Cal Distinguished School.

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